Merry Christmas from Sue Scott Guitars

Well 2018 has been a busy year despite my website being a bit on the quiet side.  There has been a whole lot of things going on in the background.  The retail business I own with fellow luthier Marc Lamaq has had a revamp with new displays.  2019 will see the arrival in the showroom of new Sue Scott models as well as other brands that we own….Lamaq, Aura and Earthwood.

We’ve also hooked up with Paul Jackson who has set up a new recording studio in our premises.  Paul brings a wealth of information and experience with him, as well as a cracking sense of humour.

The manufacturing side of things next door has also seen big changes with the extension into the adjoining industrial unit.  This means that we now have 2 units, which have been knocked into one This basically means that not only do we have the whole block on the estate, but we have doubled the floor space for manufacturing.  Additional equipment has also been bought with the investment meaning that we can really push forward on production.

Although we are all closed up for the Christmas holidays now, we are really looking forward to getting stuck into 2019 and bringing our customers some fantastic guitars.